Horror Drive – Contactless Halloween Experience

Set in the remote ESSEX countryside, drive into HORROR from the safety of your car.

Experience Horror Drive! From the safety of your car you will experience different terrifying scenes featuring live actors and effects. Once you drive into the scene the scares will happen all around your vehicle.

Expect some horror classics from clowns to slashers plus some unexpected events that will have you on the edge of your seat. The entire event is set on a remote ex government complex in the middle of the countryside- no one will hear you scream!

You never leave the car during the experience and the entire event is contactless. Tickets are checked through closed windows and you will never need to leave your car. You can visit the experience with up to 5 people in one car.

You can choose if you want the extra bloody package where your vehicle will be covered in blood and gore (don’t worry this isn’t real and will wash off)

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Presale Tickets

Tickets on sale on the 1st October  Tickets coming 2021

Due to the challenges of running an event with the current restrictions, the event will not be happening this October and has been delayed for a date in 2021. Signups will still be notified of ticket sales before general release.

For more information on the event and ticket information visit our FAQ page from the menu. Tickets are likely to be priced between £25-£30 per car (containing up to 5 people)